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The cost for one term is for all programs $250 for 10 sessions except the U6 program is $200 for 10 sessions.

When national holidays fall on our program day, the program is cancelled and fees for the term are discounted.

New players have to purchase an attire of $50 (T-shirt $30 and shorts $20)

We do not charge registration fees.

During the year we attend as much as possible carnivals, games, tournaments and leagues. We also organize our own league, Quad series and if possible a trip abroad.

Depending on the cost of the carnivals, games, etc. we will charge extra cost for players who want to join these events.

Estimated cost for the planned events in 2018:

  • Blaze Carnival: $50

  • Daisy Tan Carnival: $50

  • National League: $120

  • Sneakers carnival: $50

  • Pesta Sukan carnival: $50

  • NS P3/P4 carnival: $50

  • International Quad series: $100

  • Local U12 Quad series: $90

  • SR Junior League: $120

  • SGNA League: $120

  • Malaysia tour: $700

  • Perth Trip $1800

  • Year end carnival: Free

  • Family days: Free

  • Games with International teams: Free

  • Games with local teams: Free


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