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Singapore Netball Academy


The Singapore Netball Academy is operational since September 2015 and was established with the vision to nurture the passion of netball for young girls in Singapore. The academy aims to provide an opportunity for young girls to learn and develop their skills and knowledge in Netball. 

Netball is a competitive sport in Singapore schools and many players may not get many opportunities to play recreational or competitive outside the school setting. Singapore Netball Academy strives to provide these opportunities so that the girls will continue to play and love the game for life.



Our mission is to stretch individual players' potential by providing quality netball development and playing opportunities in a safe and secure environment. Our athlete centered approach will develop thinking players and decision makers.


Singapore Netball Academy focuses on 3 key values; commitment, resilience and team work. We promote values and valuable life skills that players can relate to their everyday life.

What we do

Netball Academy:

Singapore Netball Academy provides Netball programs for players in the aged 5 to 17 in specific programs for their age. The programs are designed to give these players the skills and knowledge to bring their game to the next level.

Training includes fitness instructions, skills specific netball coaching and understanding game play through set play strategies and games concept.  Programs are designed to develop players' decision making skills on and off court. Singapore Netball Academy aims to continuously develop and improve our program to meet the needs of players in Singapore.

Netball Coaching:

Our coaches are qualified to conduct quality season training programs for our Academy, clubs, schools and corporate teams.

Mentor coaching:

Singapore Netball Academy not only believes in developing and grooming players, we also believe in developing and grooming coaches. We want to partner with coaches and give them a platform to gain experience in coaching by observing our training programs and/or receiving guidance and mentoring by our experienced academy coaches.


Singapore Netball Academy provides umpiring workshops and opportunities for players to learn the rules of the game. It is important for players to understand the umpires' interpretation of the rules to gain advantage while playing the game. Umpiring workshops will be available for our players as well as coaches. We aim for every SGNA player to become a certified badge umpire.


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