Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are running limited programs at the Kallang Netball Centre outdoor courts, SportsHub OCBC Arena and MGS, awaiting for the government top lift the restrictions and provide access to our indoor venues (HGS, TKSS). The programs are not for every group at the normal time and day as per our normal programs due to limited courts availability. We will also only train in the early morning and late afternoon on outdoor courts. There is also the risk of classes to be cancelled due to weather conditions. 

We have strict safety and cleaning measures in place as per government guidelines. We will be flexible and always respect your decision if you do not want you daughter to join yet to prevent any exposure to possible infection.

We train in groups of 5 only with maximum 1-6 groups at the same venue at the same time, groups will not intermingle during the sessions. Players will pre-assigned to groups and arrival and exit at the courts will be strictly managed and monitored to prevent any intermingling. We will have the necessary safe-entry procedures in place for contact tracing. 

For November-December the timeslots are:

- Age group: 7-12 years old: Thursday afternoon, 5-7pm at SportsHub & KNC (Kallang Netball Centre (KNC))

- Age group: 5-6 years old: Saturday morning, 9-10am, 10-11am, 11am-12pm at KNC & MGS

- Age group: 7-8 years old: Saturday morning, 8-10am and 4pm-6pm at MGS

- Age group: 9-10 years old: Saturday  

- 8-10am at Sportshub

- 9-11am at KNC

- 2-4pm at SportsHub

- 4-6pm at KNC & MGS

- Age group 11-12 years old:

      - Saturday 2pm-4pm at MGS

      - Sunday afternoon, 3-5pm at SportsHub and 4-6pm at KNC

- Age group: 13-16 years old:

      - Saturday 10am -12pm at MGS

      - Sunday morning, 8-10am at SportsHub & KNC

- Novice (beginners 11-16 years old): Saturday 10am -12pm at MGS

Players need to sign up weekly and will be selected based on our selection criteria.


Extra Holiday program sessions (November-December):

- Age group 7-10 years old: Tuesday morning 8-10am KNC

- Age group 11-16 years old: Wednesday morning 8-10am KNC
(Subject to court availability)

Players will be grouped based on their age and skill level.

If you want your daughter to join this period, please let us know by registration on our website.

If you do not want to join in this phase, please join our (free) Home-Based Netball sessions for all program levels on YouTube and Facebook.

Registration is needed to join any program, trials and/or Zoom sessions. We do not allow players to join sessions without registration.

You can register for all programs and will keep you posted in our program WhatsApp groups on the continuation of our programs.

Please choose the registration