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Singapore Netball Academy

Registration procedure for new players

To join our programs, players have to be registered. The registration is only online available on this website. After registration you will receive a confirmation email.

By submitting your registration, you agree to our terms & conditions, registration declaration and code of conduct.

Players are automatically accepted in the program unless there are wait lists in place which will be stated in the confirmation email or the management of the Singapore Netball Academy rejects the registration. SGNA management will reach out to you when the registration is not accepted and will advice on alternatives. An example is when a beginner player registers for the Senior development program, in this case the registration will be rejected and SGNA management will advice to join the Novice program instead.

The SGNA attire is mandatory for all players in the academy to wear during SGNA training and events. The attire will be available for purchase at the first sessions, cost of 1 set is $60 to be paid before the first session.


The cost for one term is for all programs $380 for a term of 10 sessions except the U6 program is $330 for a term of 10 sessions.

You will also get a discount if you pay for 2 terms at once, the cost for 2 full terms is $660, U6 2 full term is $600.

In case of sisters joining SGNA, the cost for a full term is $300 for each player.

In case you want to prorate sessions, the cost for one session is $43 and in case of U6 $36 per session with a minimum of 7 sessions.

When national holidays fall on our program day, the sessions will be as much as possible replaced, otherwise cancelled and session fee will be deducted from the term fee.

New players have to purchase an attire of $60 (T-shirt $30, shorts $20, socks $10), for the U6 the attire is a T-shirt of $30 only.

One time registration fee is $30 for new players.

During the year we attend as much as possible carnivals, games, tournaments and leagues. We also organize our own league, Quad series and if possible one or more trips abroad.

Depending on the cost of the carnivals, games, etc. we will charge extra cost for players who want to join these events.


Program fee payment needs to be made 5 days before joining the program to confirm your registration and guarantees acceptance into the program. You will receive a receipt by email.

Payment to be made by:

  • Pay Now to 87939080 (SGNA Manager)

  • Transfer into our Singapore Netball Academy Bank account DBS 072-594519-4 (SportCity Pte. Ltd)

  • PayPal/credit card on our website using the online payment option (please provide the name of the player in the PayPal instructions to merchant)

Please inform us when you have made a transfer to our bank account or with PayNow and provide the name of the player in the payment comments.

All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. Refunds will not be given for partial attendance. In the case of withdrawal for medical reasons (see our Terms & Conditions for more information), a credit note will be provided if validated with a medical certificate. 

When you register the player for the first time or renew for another term, you agree to our terms & conditions, registration declaration and code of conduct.


We prefer PayNow or Banktransfer payments, please inform us by sending  private message to 87939080 when you have made a transfer.

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