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Trial classes

We do not provide trials classes for most of our programs. Trial classes are very difficult to organize as we need to rent a court and provide coaches. The reality is that we have to decide on a timing that is convenient for everyone where everyone has their own schedule and no one or a very small group finally is able to attend the trial classes at the same time. The option to join a running program for 1 session is not feasible as this will disturb the program continuously, something we want to prevent as the players in the program have the right to get the full attention of the coaches. Our advice is to watch one of the sessions and try at least for 1 term (10 sessions) to find out if you or your daughter likes Netball.

For our Afterschool, U6 and Novice programs, players can trial for one session. The trial lesson is $40 and will be deducted from the fees if the player decides to continue. You have to register as a player for a trial class as coaches need to know who is coming and we do not facilitate random players coming in for one session only.

The senior program has a mandatory trial for new players to assess the level of the player. The trial session will be the first session of the term. After the trial session the coach will evaluate the skill level with the player.

If you want to sign up for a trial class, please register the player as a new player and click the option trial class.

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