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U10/Secondary Development/U17 programs

Both my daughters have been with SGNA for 3 years and 1 year respectively. This has been the most rewarding experience for not only my daughters but also for me as parent.

Watching them grow in their skill sets and as confident players, has been the far most fulfilling experience. All of these was only possible with the specialised training programmes designed by you (the Coaches) in SGNA. Truly, SGNA is more than just a stepping stone to get ahead, the trainnings offered can literally train any player to overcome her difficulties effortlessly.


Besides the training programmes offered, thank you SGNA Coaches also for the one to one reflections which motivated and spurred my daughters to giving their utmost best be it for SGNA tournaments or for school.


Kudos to the team of Coaches in SGNA. An Amazing Job Done and Keep Up the Excellent Work!


A Special Thank You to Coach Mee Hong, Coach Saadiah, Coach Paul, Coach Rose and Coach Haida for moulding my daughters into the players they are Today!


Inderpal - Mother of Preetvin and Arshleen

7 February 2019

U6 Program

A starting point for my Little Imtinan to know about Netball life.


I showed her about Netball on YouTube & told her about my experiences, she told me she wants to play Netball.


I happened to came across an Ad on Facebook about SGNA. Showed her n signed her in. Didn’t know that that’s the Academy Coach Saadiah was in, spoken to her few month before about signing my girls into the Academy.


1st training day... she was very excited. We came quite early to register. She looking forward for her training days since then. Asked her she enjoys Netball ? She responded ..”I love Netball. I want to train well & represent Singapore.”


After joining Netball, we do notice changes in her. She’s more confident & showed positive attitude. U6 , but all the children in there shows very happy & misses each other if should anyone absent from training. The bonding is really great! Coaches are Awesome👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.


Looking forward for the next phase for Imtinan ... U8.... here I come.... Imtinan



Imtinan (U8-2K19) - January 2019

U8 Program

Vera has enjoyed the team camaraderie with the Under-8 girls over the past two years. 

She looks forward to netball practice every Saturday, especially the exciting drills like ‘Human Tag Ball’. 

But its not just fun and games – Coach Rose takes a firm yet motherly approach when running netball drills with the girls.

I can definitely see the improvement in Vera's motor skills.

Jenny - mother of Vera Heng - January 2019


U10 Program

Hayley has been playing netball with SGNA for the past 3 years, since Primary 1.

We chose SGNA because it has a structured programme across the different age groups, and the coaches run the training programmes professionally.

There are also ample opportunities for exposure to friendly games. I can see Hayley's love for the sport grow as she progresses along, and she looks forward to every training session.


More importantly, SGNA has taught Hayley the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork.


Playing together with her SGNA teammates, and encouraging one another along, Hayley's confidence has grown significantly and she has learnt about leadership and character-building through sports.


She has made many friends outside of her school circles.                                                                                                                                                  

Sandra - mother of Hayley Mak  - January 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                           


U12 Program

Over the last 3 years, Kaylee has grown to love playing netball ever since she started with SGNA.

The training that SGNA provides has progressively equipped her with the fundamentals and skills needed to play at every stage.

Not only training sessions are provided, SGNA also organizes carnivals and league games which allow her to apply and reinforce what she has learnt during training. She has had so much fun.

SGNA has definitely made her a confident player on court, a good team player who works well with others and cultivates the spirit of sportsmanship!



Debbie, mother of Kaylee Toh, SGNA U12 East - January 2019



U12 Program

I chanced upon SGNA in FB in 4Q'15 and was excited to sign both my daughter, Megan and my niece, Sheryl for the trial lessons.

Megan is new in the school team, whilst Sheryl has zero experience in the game. I wanted to give the girls more exposure and gain more skills in Netball.  
It's about 4 months now, and the girls have grown to enjoy the game and looking forward to the trainings.  Thanks to coach Saadiah,

Megan has shown more confidence in terms of her skills  and able to strengthened her teamwork with her friends. As for Sheryl, I see a big improvement in her footwork as well as her confidence in this outdoor game.  She is able to learn her defending & attacking skills.  
Thank you SGNA, my girls are enjoying the learning journey ... The patience and the exposure given to them is indeed beneficial to their development.

Valerie Tan - January 2016


U12 Program

My daughter, Keira who is currently 11-years-old has been training with Singapore Netball Academy (SGNA) for about 2 years and her love for netball has grown tremendously ever since.


SGNA has the ability to balance intensive netball training with fun which is fundamental in maintaining the high interest of the game among the young girls.

Unfortunately, Keira's school doesn't have Netball as a CCA and in order for her to learn and develop her knowledge and skills of the game, was only through the Academy.


SGNA frequently participates in Netball tournaments, leagues and friendly games which are useful exposures because of Keira's lack of opportunities to play in competitive netball games in school.


I'm glad to see Keira enjoying and performing during the competitive games with her SGNA teammates, who trains and play competitively in their respective schools.

SGNA occasionally organises netball get-together for parents and children to play netball which was always great bonding time! 

Jason Tan
30 October 2017 


U12 Program

Tisha started with SGNA in P4 (2016) with the U10 group. She is now in the U12 team.


She has learnt a great deal from the academy. It has indeed benefited her in many ways. Besides the fact that she has made many new Friends from different schools, (all of whom share the same Love and Passion for the game) she has been taught many things that she is able to apply during her inter-school games/competition.

I believe that her training with SGNA gave her a boost in making her a part of the school team this year.
A lot of credit would personally go to Coach Saadiah for ensuring it's not just all games and play but also, for the girls to go home after the session, learning a thing or two each week.


Training is never a dull moment. There are different coaches to guide them through training each week.
Each coach is experienced in different ways and it's comforting to know that they take pride in what they do.
As a mother, I have personally seen my daughter grow in terms of development and skills. I can't be any prouder!

We all look forward to year end where they get to play a league with different teams.
It gives the girls the utmost exposure and experience that is priceless and satisfactory.
Kudos TEAM SGNA for giving girls a platform to improve themselves. Thumbs up too, for encouraging and accepting students who are new to this sport and embracing those who wants to learn how to play Netball from scratch!
We hope to grow OLD WITH YOU 😊
Sharifah W, Mother to Tisha Lee
St.Margaret's Primary School

October 2017

Secondary development Program

Training with SGNA has been a most rewarding and enriching experience.


It has always been my dream to be a part of the netball school team in Secondary School but I knew competition to get in would be very tough as I was not in Netball CCA in my primary school (as my school did not offer the sport as a CCA).


Thanks to Coach Saadiah and her wonderfully crafted programme, I felt more confident during the netball CCA trials. This allowed me to perform well enough to earn a spot in my school team. 

I would really like to thank Coach Saadiah and my netball teammates for encouraging me and being patient with me even though I came in without much of a netball background.


They have been inspiring and helpful, always motivating me to put my best foot forward during training sessions.

Thank you SGNA!!

Jo Yune Cheong - January 2016



Secondary development Program

Dear SGNA,

We are writing this letter to thank SGNA for the wonderful job in guiding and grooming my daughter, Charlotte for the last year.


Ever since she joined SGNA, her understanding of the game, her ball handling and her overall performance has greatly improved.


Most importantly, SGNA provided a platform for her to have game time with Carnivals, tournaments and leagues with other clubs.


From being a reserve player of her school team, she eventually got into the main seven, played in the zonal and eventually the nationals.


This netball journey of hers also helped her got into her school of choice through DSA and SGNA definitely played a tremendous part in that achievement. Thank you once again SGNA!
Angela & Mike
(Parents of Charlotte Megan)

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