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Singapore experiences haze from time to time, usually caused by forest fires in the region. SGNA will follow the advisory of MOH, NEA and SportSG regarding Indoor and Outdoor classes and events.

Parents & players will be informed in a WhatsApp message in the respective chatgroup(s) 1 hour before the session if the session is cancelled, if no message is received, the session is on.

Most of our training sessions are indoor and we will continue the indoor sessions depending on the venue with a PSI lower than 200 - 240.

For all outdoor sessions and games we follow the MOH guidelines regarding the Haze and the decisions of the organizers of events

Below 100 PSI: all training sessions and games will continue normally.
Between 100 and 150 PSI: Light training sessions and games are subject to organizer's decision.
Above 150 PSI: no training sessions and games.

More information


- MOH website:

- SportSG website:

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